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Pay It Forward

Few weeks ago, following a friend’s challenge that she wrote on her facebook’s status, I decided to post this on mine:


The first 5 people to comment on this status will receive from me a gift sometime in the next calendar year – perhaps a book, or baked goods, bag, music, a picture, jewelry, or some special creative thing I make ~ a surprise! You never know what or when. There will be no warning and it will happen whenever the mood strikes me. The catch? Those five people must make the same offer in their FB status and follow through. Who’s in?

pay it forward

Unlike most of the people that I know, I consider myself as the one who rarely updating my status in the social media. Once in the blue moon, I do post something there when I think it is worth to be shared to the whole world of mine. Just like the posting above. I think it’s a good cause.

So I waited eagerly for people’s responses. Interestingly, after waited for quite some time, some friends only gave me their thumbs up sign. I read that as “Good thought!”. Some other friends  did take their time to comment something which definitely made me shake my head. All they did just saying like “Oh pick me, go ahead just send me the gift!”.  Oh my dear friends, I firmly believed you did not read the rules.

Above all, I got one friend who was willing to do the same thing. Her response was quite quick actually, about a minute after my posting. She wrote, “Count me in!” and when I checked her latest status, she did post the same status as mine. She followed the rules of the game. So she is definitely will get something from me in a near future.

For those who were not taking my challenge seriously, maybe they think this is just a gimmick. Maybe they consider this is just a silly updated status. Or stupid useless game. Ah well, I’d better not to judge any further. All I know, I like this idea. It’s a nice offer,  a nice surprise that will make someone’s day when he or she finally receive his or her share. It will make me feel happy  when I could make someone smile. It is also a lesson for me on how to keep my own promise. It’s a way to do a good deed.

Anyhow, this pay it forward action and its responses has brought me a question:  is it hard to do? 

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