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Simple Joy Found!

Joyfull life.
Sounds simple yet hard to gain?

As I learned more what life is about, joyful life actually is not that hard to get.

It can be found through simple ways.

Through the sound of wind chimes, the smell of fresh cutting grass, the buzzing sound of buzy bees, the coming up of new green leaf, the smell of fresh laundry, the inviting look of sunny side egg on your plate, the smell of brewing coffee, the squeeky cleaned kitchen counter, the laughter of happy baby, the friendly barks of your neighbour dog, the bright yellow dandellions, the colourful flowers on the garden, the shiny old silver wares that you have cleaned, the happy song you sing during your morning shower, the feel of new clean bedsheet you are going to sleep on, the smell of baby talcum powder that could take you leap back to your childhood memory, the homemade popsicles, the sparkling eyes of a kid who succeeded selling cups of lemonade by the street, the feel of new book on the tip if your fingers, the puddle that you jumped on deliberately, the dancing in the rain you did, the first dip you took into the river in summertime, the left over cookie dough in a bowl that invited you to run your fingers all over it….

I’m pretty sure you can add more of your version.

We need to stop for a minute or two (much better), take a deep breath and look around. Let’s be more aware with what simple joy is.

Because we can not just living!

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