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The Best Place on Earth

Where is it?

Actually, it is just simply in the arms of the one who gives you the meaning of true love. The one who has been always accepting you just the way you are. The one who always stands next to you on your low as well high tides. The one who always brings out the best of you. The one who doesn’t mind with your silliness and imperfections. The one with whom you share all your hopes, dreams, tears and laughs. The one who proves what love is through simple actions than flowery words. The one who never promises you the moon but shows you every day the best support come what may.  The one whose hug resonates the words “I’m thankful for having you in my life”. 

in your arms

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Finding Soul Mate

Amidst all the sayings, inputs, insights or even reports about finding your soul mate out there, today I found that really hit me. All I could say: couldn’t agree more!


If you think that finding a soul mate is all about having a perfect partner with a tag of awesomeness, then change the way you think. Soul mates are not any special people with some out of the world qualities. They are just ordinary people with an extraordinary passion to make a relationship work despite the odds, despite the complications and despite all the imperfections in their life. No one becomes your soul mate the very first day you meet them. It is a journey of two people in love who happen to be really good together in all circumstances. They just have this spark in their relationship which helps them to make compromises and overcome their imperfections in the most beautiful way. It is a relationship where things just work out and the bond just keeps getting stronger with each passing day.


[ Aarti Khurana ]

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