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My Monday and I

Everytime I look at this plant on the corner of my living room, I remember how it has been striving to survive throughout the seasons. This plant when we first adopted had only 3 leaves. My husband found it in an office garbage bin. He picked it up and replanted it. I’ve been nurturing it since then. With many seasons past, it looks like this today.

A friend said that this plant has beautiful flowers. Not just green vine like it is now. I don’t know will it blooms for us or not. For the time being, I am happy with what it shows. Somewhat, it has become my gentle reminder for what perseverance is.

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Stay Strong

Here is one of my constant reminders whenever I’m facing those turbulence days.
It has been proven many times. It is an Quranic verse but I believe it speaks universally for all of us. Who wants or need to stay strong, who put our trust on The Almighty.

I hope it will enlighten you too.

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