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People Watching

I think people watching can be an endangered leisure soon.

With many of us getting more glued to the so called smart gadgets on our hands, we don’t just sit and watching others pass by.  They get so focus with their cellphones, pay no attention with the surroundings. Playing with cellphones or the latest tablets has been a new way of killing time while they are alone or even when in a group. Surfing the net, updating status or checking others’ life on the social media has become a daily habit. A must thing to do, if I must say. Instead of pick up the phone and say “Hello, how you doing?”, now people pick up the phone and type “Woke up at 7. Now I’m sipping my best frappucino in the world.”. 

And all is being done in silent way. Yes, they still can smile, puzzled or frown as part of their reaction of whatever event shown on their gadgets’ display. But they don’t utter words, they just write words. Back and forth.

As for me, I don’t have cellphone and I still enjoy people watching when I get a chance after my eyes get sore for reading a book. For a quick or a long time. I still find people watching is a fun leisure to do. By the beach, in the a café, in a library, in a store, by the sidewalk, in a commuter train, in a long que, in a waiting room, in the airport….

Because people are unique, thus is always interesting to watch them.
Even for only a glimpse.
That too to rejoice diversity.

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Through My Viewfinder: People

By trade, I was supposed to be an anthropologist. In high school, I knew so well that dealing with numbers is not my cup of tea. Instead, I always so in love with history and culture. Which then led me to choose Anthropology as my major in university. Interestingly, after I graduated, my later resume showed how I had spent many years in the advertising world as part of the creative team. The crazy bunch of kids, according to the account and media departments. Oh what can I say? It was fun and rewarding yet stressful working environment. It was kind of work hard-play hard department in an advertising agency.

Did I waste my education? Oh not at all. There is a strong connection between what I studied and worked for. People. Yes, it’s about observing and understanding people. I feel like I will always be a constant learner, a lifetime student when it comes about people. And it always be an eye opener for me on what I could learn after observing people, wherever and whenever.

Now, being a homebody who is living in a neck of woods on the foothills of Canadian Rockies, I don’t see much people. I live in a small town where everybody almost know everybody. So it’s not really fun to observe them on daily basis. Less intriguing, I might concluded.

The only good chance for me to wear back my observer hat is when I go travelling. Little bit different than what I did back then, now I observe people only through my viewfinder.

marked jakarta_chess guys pass time IMG_4840

Passing Time: Between cellphones and playing chess (Jakarta, Indonesia)

marked jakarta_mekarsari family truck IMG_5073

Picnic Time: It’s about how to take everybody in one go (Jakarta, Indonesia)

marked jakarta_river garbage picker IMG_4822

Somebody has to do the job (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Two ladies wearing Javanese traditional dresses while selling their batik cloths (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

marked jogja_fancy grandma on bike IMG_6084

Yogyakarta used to be famous as the city of bikes. This funky lady is still reliving it. (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

marked jogja_kraton gamelan player dress IMG_5846

The Culture Keepers: Gamelan players in The Palace (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

marked jogja_MD becak ride back IMG_5086

The becak driver with his stylish white leather shoes (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

marked jogja_mirota morning offering IMG_6045

Traditional morning offering ritual in a famous crafts store (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

marked jogja_tempe seller trad market IMG_5998

Good Visit: the tempe (soybeans fermented cake) seller and her buyer in traditional market (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

marked jogja_transportation IMG_6055

Just pick one: When traditional and modern transportation crowd the street (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

marked man show off garut gas IMG_6792

Showing Off: an old guy lit his cigarette with the natural gas (Garut, Indonesia)

marked_cikunir market ketupat maker IMG_0028

Waving coconut leaves to be used for making compressed cooked rice before the Eid Day at a traditional market (Cikunir, Indonesia)

marked_cikunir trad market meat section IMG_0042

Meat section at a traditional market (Cikunir, Indonesia)

marked_cikunir vegies seller IMG_0039

A fresh veggies seller at traditional market (Cikunir, Indonesia)

marked_jakarta kerak telor seller IMG_4852

A busy traditional food street seller and his buyers (Jakarta, Indonesia)

marked_jakarta kuda kepang in trance IMG_4889

A traditional street performer in trance stage (Jakarta, Indonesia)

marked_satwika permak levis IMG_0480

Need your jeans to be altered? He will come to your house with his sewing machine attached on the bike (Bekasi, Indonesia)

marked guangzhou stamp maker IMG_2707

Chinese stamp maker at work (Guangzhou, China)

marked IMG_0803

Perfect position, full dedication (Osaka, Japan)

marked IMG_0998

Field trip for kindergarten kids (Osaka, Japan)

marked kobe men at work IMG_1531

Men at work (Kobe, Japan)

marked kyoto_monk temple crowd IMG_0812

A lady monk stood still in the bustling tourists destination (Kyoto, Japan)

marked kyoto_school kids park IMG_0917

Time to go home: two pairs elementary students walking home happily (Kyoto, Japan)

marked nara_ladies scream fed deer IMG_0403

They wanted to feed the deer, but they got so shocked when the deer suddenly surrounded them this close (Nara, Japan)

marked nara_ppl on train IMG_0381

Things to do when you are in a commuter line (Nara, Japan)

marked osaka_garden moms kids creek IMG_0210

Happy Moment: Young mothers and their toddlers (Osaka, Japan)

marked osaka_japs resto shinsaibashi IMG_0067

Passion and Pride: A speciality chef in a Japanese restaurant (Osaka, Japan)

marked osaka_lady bike hiheels IMG_0600

Have to stay stylish while riding your bicycle (Osaka, Japan)

marked osaka_ppl garden IMG_0204

“Me Time”: Quiet time in a park (Osaka, Japan)

marked osaka_rush hour IMG_1107

Rush hour in a main train station (Osaka, Japan)

marked_kyoto gion girls kimono IMG_0978

Strike a pose: Young ladies in their yukata (Kyoto, Japan)

marked_nara ricksaw IMG_0405

A rickshaw driver checking out his cellphone (Nara, Japan)

marked_nara school kids IMG_0396

School trip (Nara, Japan)

marked_osaka kansai vietnamese aodai IMG_0021

National Identity: Vietnamese flight attendant in her ao dai(Osaka, Japan)

marked_osaka mighty mom IMG_0104

Mighty mom picking up the kid from school (Osaka, Japan)

pxlr osaka_train man bag IMG_0246

It’s a man’s bag (Osaka, Japan)

S osaka_leave airport workers bowing IMG_0040

Taking a bow, saying goodbye (Osaka, Japan)

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Just Us!

I confess. I enjoy observing people.

For instance, I find it interesting to be able to capture how the lovebirds enjoy their moments together. It seems, for them, the world is theirs, only belong to them. The other people, ah…. they are just passing by.

Less that they know, watching this kind of view, somehow always brings smile and happiness to myself. It gives me an uplifting feeling. Simply nice to know here  is the time when you see and feel love is in the air. I hope they will always find their time together in their busy life. By just doing a simple things together, like these moments I managed to capture.

couple @ kits copy

A couple at the Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver.

marked osaka_2 couples picnic IMG_2488

Two couples in between tall buildings in Osaka, Japan

S sarawak_kuching couple on boat IMG_3464

A couple cruising the Sarawak River, Malaysia.

Would you agree with me that seeing how two people in love also could spread peacefulness around us?

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Who Could Guess

I just love to sit on the beach with a view like this.

Doing nothing.

Taking my time to enjoy the moment.


Later on, along with my moment of enjoyment, I would always remember about one of the famous Indonesian sayings that has a meaning like this:

We can assume the depth of the sea, but we cannot assume what is in people’s hearts

When we think more about people’s hearts around us, little that we know actually. Some are sincere to us, some are who knows what are their true intentions. Some might accept us with all our flaws. Some might despise us for whatever reasons only they could justify. Should we worry? Should that affect our quality of life? I say not. Just remember what the saying above. The best thing we can do: let’s think positive towards people just like we should strive to be a sincere person as well.

Life, definitely, will be simpler as we live worry free.

Have a happy midweek, everyone!

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What would you do…

… when you are facing this?

‎”Some people you can afford to spend a few minutes with, but not a few hours.”

Jim Rohn

I wonder if this  kind of people know that they’re actually only worth few minutes to be with?

On the second thought, I think it’s always better to make sure yourself first that you are a somebody that worth hours to be spent with.

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