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Grow Old Gracefully

Couple years ago, reluctantly, I went to see an optometrist. As a result of my examination, he said, “I could say that no more 20/20 vision. Welcome to the forties!”. Oouuch… it hit me. Not because he said about the age group but it was more to a reality that from that moment I have to start to use reading glasses. Suddenly, a picture of an old woman who keeps forgetting her reading glasses came to play on my head.

For the time being, I was on denial stage. Which means I didn’t pack my reading glasses every where I go. I didn’t use it when I need to read the fine prints, instead I forced myself to read them without glasses. I chose to read books with more pictures than words, like photography and cooking books.

Until one day, the method ran out its charm. During a grocery shopping, I experienced a difficulty to read the labels with fine prints. My husband smiled and simply asked if I need glasses. I stacked my tongue on him. Later on, I also got frustrated when I found some of the pictures that I shot looks blurry. This worried me more since I love taking pictures.

Reluctantly (again, of course), I paid my optometrist a visit. The result? He told me that to be able to shot better pictures (in other words: not fuzzy ones), I have to double-check the shoot from the camera LCD with my reading glasses. The doctor reminded me not just rely on what I see through the view finder. I guess that was the turning point for me to stop denying, to start accepting that I do need to take my optometrist’s suggestion seriously.

Start use that reading glasses, Bintang!

For some, life begins at 40. But bear in mind too, being in the 40’s group means you have to start to learn the art of living on how to grow old gracefully.

And the first step for me is… don’t forget your glasses!

The best part of the art of living is to know how to grow old gracefully.
Eric Hoffer

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