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Skipping Into Spring

Finally, after seven months of cold days where those white flakes fell from the sky and the temperature dropped down to way way below zero degrees of Celcius, I could say: the season is changing.

The reason?
Not just because of the pretty blue sky that has been existing than usual or the temperature that has to rise up from above 10℃ but more to the presence of pussy willows.
I saw pussy willows last week on our backyard. Many years ago Mr. Husband said that’s the sign of spring time.
Yaay… I definitely get excited.
So interesting, how small things like the pussy willows’ sighting could help to uplift your morale after had to embrace a such long dreaded winter season.
It’s about hope, I guess.
That springtime is finally coming to this part of region.

Let’s skip into spring!


pussy willows

Spring is when life’s alive in everything.
[ Christina Rossetti ]

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