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Wish More…

March is my month. I was born in this month. No special birthday celebration. No candles to blow. Not because I would have to prepare more than two dozen candles or it may have caused me losing my breath to blow them in one go. I love blowing out birthday candles, it gives me feeling like I relive my childhood memory for that moment. Yet since I passed birthday number thirty, I tend to cheer my own birthday in quiet way. Every birthday has made me realize how blessed I am. Added to this, without blowing the candles, I still make my birthday wishes. I still wish more, for myself.

S words_wish IMG_1029

I made a list which I call as my “more” wish list. This year it goes like this:
More giving
More patience
More walking
More inspiring
More laughter
More loving
More caring
More sharing
More creating
More fun
More listening
More travelling
More writing
More healthy eating
More learning
More taking good pictures
More saving

You could do the same.
Be on your special day or even just because.
Then, simply embrace the different sensation it gives to your day.

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