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Early Spring at A Viewpoint 


Today, I thought I’d like to share a little bit about where I live.

I live in a small town of what some people call it as “neck of the woods”.  My town, Tumbler Ridge, is lied on the foothills of Canadian Rocky Mountains in northeastern British Columbia, Canada. Although quite secluded small town, we have so many choices for outdoor and nature lovers. One of them is what we called TR Point Trail.

Taking a walk to TR Point Trail always excite me. The panoramic view I get along the way never fails to capture my heart. This trail is located behinds our house. About 15 minutes walk to the reach the Viewpoint where we can enjoy the view of the Murray River and Bergeron Cliff on the background. Nice, short and sweet walk to be closed with nature.  Yet we have still to be careful as we don’t want to meet the bears, martens or cougars on the way. At the same time, we could also hear the sound of squirrels and birds to accompany our walk.

I hope you could enjoy the Viewpoint as I have always been. These pictures were taken in two different occasions during our early spring of 2016.

Indeed, there is always reason to be grateful.

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Seeds of Greatness

Today I would like to share what the famous best-selling author, speaker, poet and  lyricist Denis Waitley has to say about greatness of life. Through his The Seeds of Greatness Treasury, somehow I was reminded that I’d better transplant these seeds of greatness in my daily life:

  • Simplify our lives. Stop collecting. Start celebrating for no apparent reason.
  • Gather memories instead of memorabilia.
  • Do some genealogy about our family ancestors. What were their lives like? What soul-deep legacy, if any, did they pass on to us? What did we learn and love most about our parents and grandparents?
  • What will we gladly give up to improve the quality of our lives?
  • What will we never give up, no matter what?
  • Dream as if we had forever. Live as if this was the only day.
  • Don’t just treat everyone the way we want to be treated. Treat everyone the way they should be treated to believe they can reach their full potential, based upon their own beliefs and heritage.
  • Never judge a person by her cow-dung house. She may be healthier, happier and wiser than us, and probably is.
  • It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.
  • Love what you have, even if you don’t have all that you’d love.
  • We are all different, on a safari heading in the same direction.

Make sense, right?

So… shall we?

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The Best Place on Earth

Where is it?

Actually, it is just simply in the arms of the one who gives you the meaning of true love. The one who has been always accepting you just the way you are. The one who always stands next to you on your low as well high tides. The one who always brings out the best of you. The one who doesn’t mind with your silliness and imperfections. The one with whom you share all your hopes, dreams, tears and laughs. The one who proves what love is through simple actions than flowery words. The one who never promises you the moon but shows you every day the best support come what may.  The one whose hug resonates the words “I’m thankful for having you in my life”. 

in your arms

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How Do You Love?

Another gentle reminder for us on how to be grateful.

How Do You Love?
By Sandra Abell

Yesterday I broke a crystal vase that was important to me. Someone I love gave it to me, and I was really upset with my clumsiness.

My husband, seeing my distress, was soothing and calm, and said, “Let me see what I can do with this.” While I continued to rant at myself, he quietly took the pieces away, worked his magic and made it like new again. When he brought it back to me his face was filled with sweetness, and it occurred to me that this repaired vase was a gift of love.

I began thinking about all the ways he shows me he loves me. Words are nice, but his actions speak volumes, and I’m so very blessed to have him in my life.

I then thought of a woman I know who complains that her husband and children don’t love her. She says they never say it, and she feels that nobody cares. However, when I look at her family I realize that there is a lot of love being given. She just doesn’t recognize it so doesn’t know how to receive it.

When her husband goes to work at a job he doesn’t like, so that she can do what she wants, which is stay home and raise the children, that’s a gift of love. When her adolescent son offers to pick up something at the store so she won’t have to pack up the smaller kids to go out, that is his way of telling her he loves her.

Love is all around us, but we’re often like my friend who expects it to come in a specific form. When it doesn’t, we miss it and feel unloved.

So this month I’m reflecting on being aware of ALL the ways people show me love, and being happy to receive it in whatever form it’s given. How about you?

Sandy is a business and life coach, an author, educator, speaker and a Licensed Professional Counselor. She specializes in working with executives, business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs and people in transition. Sandy publishes a free monthly newsletter entitled Focusing On Your Success. Please visit Sandy on her website at

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