3 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. Léa says:

    Ah, you’ve got me with nearly any reference to Van Gogh! I’m trying to fix a date for a little journey to Monastère Saint-Paul de Mausole near Avignon. I’m tempted to go soon (for the sunflowers) but also willing to wait for mid to late September if my friend is coming from California? If you are not familiar with the Monastery it is where Van Gogh rested up after the incident with the ear and where he completed over twenty of his paintings.

    • I think you should go now and later too, Lea. So you could share with me your pictures, both times 😉 It must be interesting to be able to visit that Monastère Saint-Paul de Mausole, imagining what it could have been like in Van Gogh’s era.

      • Léa says:

        They even have the sparse little cell just as it would have been for Vincent. You can google the Monastère and the images are incredible. I would happily make two trips but my budget is a bit tight presently. Have you heard about or seen Loving Vincent? It is truly amazing. If not go to youtube and type in Loving Vincent and be amazed. Please stop and watch more than one of the videos as several of them have variations of information on this stunning project. It should have been in the theatres by now. It is my fear that they have run out of money. If so, it is truly sad.

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