Early Spring at A Viewpoint 


Today, I thought I’d like to share a little bit about where I live.

I live in a small town of what some people call it as “neck of the woods”.  My town, Tumbler Ridge, is lied on the foothills of Canadian Rocky Mountains in northeastern British Columbia, Canada. Although quite secluded small town, we have so many choices for outdoor and nature lovers. One of them is what we called TR Point Trail.

Taking a walk to TR Point Trail always excite me. The panoramic view I get along the way never fails to capture my heart. This trail is located behinds our house. About 15 minutes walk to the reach the Viewpoint where we can enjoy the view of the Murray River and Bergeron Cliff on the background. Nice, short and sweet walk to be closed with nature.  Yet we have still to be careful as we don’t want to meet the bears, martens or cougars on the way. At the same time, we could also hear the sound of squirrels and birds to accompany our walk.

I hope you could enjoy the Viewpoint as I have always been. These pictures were taken in two different occasions during our early spring of 2016.

Indeed, there is always reason to be grateful.

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