Spring’s Side Effect

Who would reject springtime? Look at that refreshing greenery, those blooming flowers are everywhere. Everything comes alive after many months was covered with thick blanket of snow. Oh what a happy happy joy joy season.

Less that I know, springtime also brings a side effect to which I had never experienced as a girl who grew up in a tropical country. A side effect that I call as the attack of cottonwood tree seeds. Today, I experienced it (again). They looks like snow flakes. Cute and fluffy, got blown away by the wind. Everywhere. A friend even said, “I just opened my inside door and a cloud flew at me.”.

They are not nice.
My eyes feel sore.
My skin feels itchy.

At first, I thought I got bitten by mosquitoes. Itchy here, itchy there, itchy everywhere. As for my eyes irritation, I thought it was because of dusts. Then I’ve been told it was because of the cottonwood. Now I think, it’s going to be weird if I have to wear goggle or skidoo helmet and jacket to cover up myself when I step outside just for my pictures hunting while others just on their shorts and light tops. Or I maybe should dress up like one of the Teletubbies to protect myself from this attack.

On the other hand, maybe this side effect of spring is telling me: to slow down a bit from the springtime’s euphoria. Maybe it tells me: time stay at home. Time to figure out how to short out my thousand pictures while looking at the big window that presents how lovely is the day outside.

Anyhow, it’s springtime, I shall not feel down!

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