People Watching

I think people watching can be an endangered leisure soon.

With many of us getting more glued to the so called smart gadgets on our hands, we don’t just sit and watching others pass by.  They get so focus with their cellphones, pay no attention with the surroundings. Playing with cellphones or the latest tablets has been a new way of killing time while they are alone or even when in a group. Surfing the net, updating status or checking others’ life on the social media has become a daily habit. A must thing to do, if I must say. Instead of pick up the phone and say “Hello, how you doing?”, now people pick up the phone and type “Woke up at 7. Now I’m sipping my best frappucino in the world.”. 

And all is being done in silent way. Yes, they still can smile, puzzled or frown as part of their reaction of whatever event shown on their gadgets’ display. But they don’t utter words, they just write words. Back and forth.

As for me, I don’t have cellphone and I still enjoy people watching when I get a chance after my eyes get sore for reading a book. For a quick or a long time. I still find people watching is a fun leisure to do. By the beach, in the a café, in a library, in a store, by the sidewalk, in a commuter train, in a long que, in a waiting room, in the airport….

Because people are unique, thus is always interesting to watch them.
Even for only a glimpse.
That too to rejoice diversity.

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