I get by…

… with a little help of my friends.

Indeed. Sometimes you don’t need such a big help to overcome some turbulence moments in life. Just a little help will do. A friend with his or her simple yet sincere words, magically, could help you to see the light, to stay strong. Just like that day when I was in one of my turbulence moments in life, a friend of mine just simply told me  to recite this:

serenity prayer

At that time, I had no idea at all what he told me was some parts of that well-known Serenity Prayer. All I knew, I like  what he said. I followed his advice. I wrote down his wise words on my notebook. I read it many times when I was uneasy. Slowly but sure, my wanna-be-always-perfect brain started to absorb it. Then I began to feel lighten up after I had realized what was the best solution of my problem that time.

Since then up to this very second, I keep on learning that…
… I have to make peace with myself, have to give up the idea of being a tough cookie because I’m not always like that, have to be able to forgive myself and others, have to accept all my flaws, have to remember I can’t always hold “the remote control” of my life, have to learn how to let things flow, have to give time a chance to work things out at its own pace, not mine.

In a nutshell: after you have done your best, let the universe finishes it.

Insha Allah, God willing, I will reach that state of mind.

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