Fixing A Broken Heart

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So true, isn’t it?

When we fall in love, the good news is: it makes us happy. But are we prepared to accept the bad news that might comes along with it too? There is always a possibility of love for breaking your heart.

When I had my worst broken heart, interestingly I could not cry at all. Instead, I was so angry  as I ever be, so furious as I ever could. Mostly I felt like I really want to give my best ever punch to the person who hurt my heart. In some other days, I wanted so bad to give the hardest slap ever on his face. Unfortunately the miles between us stopped me. My brain kept telling me: forget it! Still, I had restless nights. I lost my appetite. I lost my energy. I felt so hollow. I fought hard with myself to get up in the morning and stay professional with my works. I understood so well that it was not only your heart that feels so hurt, but your veins, your brain, your whole body feels it too (yet they still call it as broken heart).

So how we fix a broken heart?

Perhaps crying could help to ease, go cry so I thought. But no tears of mine managed to shed. Go talk to someone you trust, they say sharing helps. But I consider myself as a person who tend to keep sad things for myself. However, apparently that time I didn’t manage to cover my heartbreak easily. My mom noticed it, she managed to make me telling her my problem in brief. Later on my mom said that time will heal, one day I will find someone that loves me more than anything. I was skeptical. I asked her how to gain trust again? What if I fell to a wrong person again? She just replied, “I believe you won’t because you are smarter now.”.

Amongst so many discussions with my friends, one time came up the subject about broken heart. My practical friend said the best way to heal a broken heart is to go fall in love again. It will be different experience, everyone is not the same, not everyone will give you heartbreak. Just don’t forget to carry the secret keys. The keys are be smart, love yourself first before love another. Never falling love head over heals. Leave all your “what if” behind.

The next things I did. I avoided reading any love stories, I didn’t touch those Chicken Soup books. Instead, I found a song that had helped me go through the days. I kept listening to it, on and on. Every day. In the morning, in the car, at work, before I sleep. A song titled Unintended, Muse sang it perfectly. It helped to remind me that there is someone out there waiting for me.

Cast away your gloominess, don’t let it wrap you forever. Laughter is one of the best remedy for gloomy days. I hang out with my happy go lucky friends. I re-run myself one of my favourite TV series: Friends. I laughed and felt getting much better. I went to a spa, pampered myself. I treated my hair. Made myself feel pretty, only for myself. I also kept on saying to myself that God loves me, He has better plans in store for me. This broken heart thing was a lesson to help me grow wiser.

Then finally, I could say a journey of life without experiencing broken heart will be less meaningful.

For you who are having a broken heart now, I know there is no such absolute formula or remedy to fix your broken heart. It is always different strokes for different folks. Despite that, I hope what I write today could help to enlighten you.
Accept that yes, you have a broken heart. But don’t dwell on that.
Remember always, you are not the only one or the last who experience this heartache.
Time will heal, yes the scar will be there but you will survive.
Chin up. Someone who is much better is still out there, waiting for you. All you need to do is get up and go out to meet that person. Besides, God always promises that we all come in pairs.

At the end, it’s all up to you.
Either you choose to move on with new life or to stay in your cocoon nurturing your broken heart.


Like they said, listen to your mom because mom tends to be right. I did finally find a wonderful person to be with and loves me just the way I am.

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