Who Could Guess

I just love to sit on the beach with a view like this.

Doing nothing.

Taking my time to enjoy the moment.


Later on, along with my moment of enjoyment, I would always remember about one of the famous Indonesian sayings that has a meaning like this:

We can assume the depth of the sea, but we cannot assume what is in people’s hearts

When we think more about people’s hearts around us, little that we know actually. Some are sincere to us, some are who knows what are their true intentions. Some might accept us with all our flaws. Some might despise us for whatever reasons only they could justify. Should we worry? Should that affect our quality of life? I say not. Just remember what the saying above. The best thing we can do: let’s think positive towards people just like we should strive to be a sincere person as well.

Life, definitely, will be simpler as we live worry free.

Have a happy midweek, everyone!

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