Hard Life


Complainers. Step aside, please?

Some people, no matter what good things happen to their life, apparently still like to complain. I guess that has become a habit. Self-pity? Ungrateful, I would call for sure. I could not stand being around someone who like to complain, especially about life that actually is not that bad at all as I can see that this person can come up with a great list to be grateful to. But I’ve been taught to bite my tongue before I make some remarks that probably can hurt both parties.

“When I hear somebody sigh, “Life is hard,” I am always tempted to ask, “Compared to what?”

Sydney J. Harris

Yes, compared to what?

How about compare your so called hard life with this scene that I found in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Picker

The Picker


Complainers, here are reality checks for you: this guy has to move back and forth on a river that so dirty, polluted and smell so bad. A very awful place to work at. Here is a real dirty job with low wages and no health insurance even pension, not even has a career path.

If you can spend more time in front of your big screen TV, shopping around with your loved ones, have more than a dozen nice clothes, afford to dine at some fancy restaurants or even read this writing from your latest smart phone, you are lucky person with great life.

Lot of people got harder life than ours, even sometimes beyond our imagination.

Since we are still in the new first week of 2013, why don’t we start a habit to say “Life is great” instead of “Life is hard”?

Don’t forget: when you say it, please do mean it.




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