Good Living

In the little town where I live, we have quite a number of senior people. I enjoy being with them, maybe that is kind of manifestation of how I miss my grandparents and parents. One of the seniors that I know, I called her as Miss Donna. She is an avid Coca Cola collector and active volunteer in the community. She is the backbone of our Seniors’ Corner, a place for the seniors to hang out that located in our Community Centre.

One day, as usual, Miss Donna came to see me at work and said, “I got something for you to do for me, my dear. You know me, I love to bug you!”. She showed me a piece of paper that came from her vintage recipe book. She asked me to create a poster based on what was written on that piece of paper. I found it interesting that a recipe book had inserted that kind of special message beside the recipes. She wants everyone that visit the Seniors’ Corner to be able to read what is Ten Commandments for Good Living about.

So here it is the result of my simple work…

I learned one thing that day from Miss Donna’s vintage collection. Such a gentle reminder about how to live good for yourself and others.

Oh yes, did I mention that hang out with seniors also fun? They always have cookies and goodies to enjoy 🙂

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