Can we simply erase our bad memories?
Bad feelings?
Bad thoughts?
Bad experiences?
Bad history?
Bad background?
Bad days?

Can we just rub them out?
Remove them all from our life?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a new life with a clean slate?
As plain as a piece of white paper?
As pure as a newborn child?

Sometimes I wish a superpower was bestowed upon me. I don’t need to be like Superman, I just wanted a single superpower: an ability to erase bad things in my life. Or at least, I wish I could treat those dark days in my life just like when I have bad dreams. All I need is to wake up and say to myself, “Oh.. it’s just a bad dream. It’s unreal.” and poof… that bad dream is gone.

Apparently, being trained to think logically since I was young tend to pull me back from the lala land. Something always struck me. Something like this message below that is really worth to be pondered on and on…

I think we all wish we could erase some dark times in our lives. But all of life’s experiences, bad and good make you who you are. Erasing any of life’s experiences would be a great mistake.

Luis Miguel

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2 thoughts on “Erase

  1. leamuse says:

    I know both sides of this journey from a professional and personal place. It takes bravery and curiosity to explore. Bon courage!

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