Feeling Rich

I love books, I grew up with books.

As a toddler, my mom used to read me story from English or Dutch children books. She translated them into Indonesian language for me as she fluent on both languages.

When I was about 9 years old, without my full understanding of English language, I had started to read my father’s Americana and British Encyclopedias. It was really a fun experience for me to be able to see the big world and anything I could understand that time from what I categorized as adult’s books. Some of my elementary friends saw me as weird although I did read kids’ magazines too, but the others also the teachers considered me as so knowledgeable 😀

Every month, our parents used took us to the biggest bookstore in town. My siblings and I could take a handful of children or youth books as we like. We had to be responsible on what we picked. We had to read them all and tell the story back to mom. Of course we had to store the books properly on our own library at home. I think this practice let me to be so cautious when a friend wants me to lend one of my books collection.

As I earned my salary, my books collection were also growing. Whenever I got a chance to go abroad, I make sure I have time to visit the bookstore. My luggage usually became quite heavy with the new books that I bought. Then came the new era of online shopping, the era of Amazon.com. Pppheeww… how I really had to stop myself for not spending too much money there 🙂

Now, I live in a small town in north-eastern British Columbia. No bookstore around, the closest one is about 180 kilometres away. That’s too just a small book store with limited choice. Nonetheless, there is one GOOD thing about living here: we have great library. With a free membership, the Library has a plenty books to read or borrow. Different genres are ready to be explored there. And if you can’t find the book that you want, the Library will do an interlibrary loan for you. It means the Library will borrow the book that you want from the other library around British Columbia or sometimes from other province in Canada for FREE. You only need to order, read and return it on time.

I really have a close relationship with books. For me, the feeling of smelling and touching a new book on your hand couldn’t be replaced with audiobook or e-Book. The colourful and arts of book covers on the bookshelves could enhance the nuance of your home. Last but not least, the contents of the book itself could bring you to different world and broaden up your mind.

They never fails to make me feeling rich.

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Recently, my husband came home with a surprise. He said as an early Christmas gift (although we don’t celebrate Christmas), he bought me the recipe books because he knew I would love them dearly. Oh yes, he really knows how to make me smile from ear to ear 🙂

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