How Do You Know?

Let me share with you a boy meets girl’s story.

Years ago, a boy told his friend that he is going to marry this girl. Of course his friend got skeptical. How could he be so sure that he is going to marry a girl who lives thousands miles away that too in different continent. The girl that he never met in real and he only knew from their friendly online chats that they had done over years? But this boy somehow firmly believed that he is going to marry this girl. Someday.

Couple years later, the boy finally got a chance met the girl in real. He held her hand naturally when they crossed the street first time. The girl obviously got surprised but she thought, “Ah well.. he just is trying to protect me.”. They traveled together. They talked for hours. They had so many laughs even sometimes without reason. They felt comfortable as if they had been seeing each other in real for a very long time.

The two weeks of their summertime passed quickly. Yes, time really flies so fast when you are having so much fun. The girl had to fly back home. Without further due, while driving, the boy thought that he had to say the magic words to her, “So… will you marry me?”. The girl got stunned because she thought that they were only buddy buddy. After so many proposals he uttered even after the one with him on his knees, the girl said he had to do the right proposal in front of her parents in her homeland.

To cut the story short, the boy did go to the girl’s homeland. The guy did ask her hand in front of her parents. And the boy did marry the girl two months later.

So how do you know?
How do you know that this person is “the one” for you?
How do you that you are going to marry this person that you met, someday? Even way before you fall in love with him or her?
I didn’t know, I never had such feeling.

But my husband did know because that boy above was him. I asked him how could he be so sure about marrying me, his answer was I just knew it. Haaa… thank you for such simple yet intricate answer, dear 🙂

I didn’t know that I was going to marry him. I never felt head over heals on him. All I knew back then I felt so comfortable with him, he made me laugh a lot and he taught me how to live stress-free and simple. We so “clicked” when we met in real. All I knew that time when finally he proposed for the twentieth time, I had to say “yes” and put all my trust on the Almighty’s plan and this man’s sincerity.

I did ask God to send me someone who with his love and qualities would bring me closer to Him. God answers our prayers at His own time. God revealed His blessings on me one by one after we got married. Through our union, I have a closer and stronger relationship with the Almighty more than before.

Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds.

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