Immortalized Icicles

Sunday then Monday.
Winter is still on. Sunday was all day with gloomy sky, Monday came with the blue sky. I was already so snowbound, I got to do something. That Sunday then Monday were the days when I climbed up the window to get close to the icicles on our roof. My husband caught me and asked what I’m doing. I said need to immortalize the icicles. He said, “Careful, don’t fall.”. Then I looked down, pphheeww… better super careful as it is quite high to the ground. I guess I was too excited to realize the reality underneath me 🙂

However, the mission has to be accomplished. Although I only use wee little camera. Although I have to use thick clothes and the hoody (I don’t like to be that fully-clothed when actually I am in the house, made me feel claustrophobic). I got to hold on to the moment. You never know what tomorrow may brings. These icicles could be melted, right?

After so many clicks and positions (oh yeah… of course with some sore neck and some dizziness due to the wind), here are the results:

I hope you enjoy these shots as much as I enjoyed taking them.
And on Tuesday, I got no more icicles there. They all melted away along with the sudden warm temperature we had.

Mission accomplished.

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