Not Just Another Love Story!

February. The month of love, they said.

When you passed your 30’s, probably you would think everyday should become the day of love. At least, that’s how my husband and I think. So we don’t celebrate so called Valentine’s Day in February. Beside being a person who think Valentine’s Day celebration is overrated, February 14 always reminds me of the moment I said my last goodbye to my beloved grandmother. Instead of a happy day, February 14 will always be a reminder of the date when I lost someone that had been so close to me. If you ask me what Valentine’s Day means to me, that is my answer.

Anyway, in February the mass-media usually will come up with many related love stories. As human, apparently we all need to be reminded about how love story can start the sparks in the sweet corner of your heart. We never get tired in reading these stories. Whether some are hopelessly romantic or even skeptical when it comes to true love, one thing for sure, love stories sell.

Reading about true love that really exist is one of my favourite subjects. After got bombarded with tons of divorce reports on people (that we know personally or not) out there, reading a true love story always give me soothing feeling and look forward on how to strengthen my relationship with the wonderful person I’m living with.

So in February 8th, I read about a love story between a man and a woman. I could say it was not just another love story. The guy used to be so active person, in fact he was a celebrity in Indonesia. I kinda knew him as he is one of the famous seniors in our university. One day, he got sick. They found out that he got Multiple Sclerosis. Unlike in North America, this is a very rare sickness for Indonesians. The story on how he deals with his unfortunate condition and how his wife supports him all this time have become an eye opener for us. A strong reminder about a promise that we all made in front of The Almighty: to be with your spouse in health and sickness, in happy and sad moments. No matter what.

Please go to these links, I promise you will have an uplifted spirit afterwards:

Learn how to dance in the rain

You’re lucky you married a woman who can lift you


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