It’s Snowing… It’s Falling…

Fresh Snow on October 2010

Honestly? I’m still hoping that the Autumn season will last longer, I’m reluctant to wear my winter jacket and boots.
But the old man winter is back!
As we opened our eyes on Friday October 22, 2010, our surrounding were already covered by the snow. It was considered as the wet snow which means it will melt soon. It did melt but.. later on it came back. The snow keeps on falling over the weekend.

Is it Winter now?
Hhhmmm… people here said that usually Winter here starts couple days or on the day of Halloween. Sorry, not this year and year before. And yes, it will last at least for nine months.

I guess, I should welcome the snowy days then.
Bundle up and make sure the wood stove keeps on burning!

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2 thoughts on “It’s Snowing… It’s Falling…

  1. Laksmi says:

    Nice pictures and neat arrangement, Bintang. I truly enjoy them. But where is the Fall? I miss Canada for its amazing colourful Fall.

    • bintanghoward says:

      Thank you for your liking it, Laksmi.
      Fall… hhmm… so far I have experienced only 1-2 months of Fall season :))))

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