Pretty Little Things

My Little Pansies

I  used to think… you know, the thing that got a title as girls’ best friend. The thing that always followed with the words “forever” or “carat”. The thing that has become a compulsory to have in the Western culture when a man gets down his knees to ask her hands for a marriage. The thing that I call da bling bling. Yes, diamond was that little thing that I used to think as the pretty little thing to have, the little thing nice to collect.

But now, I found that my heart beats faster whenever I see other form of the pretty little things around me, like this little pansies that grew on my front yard. The previous chapters of my life has made me learn that a bling bling is just an overrated rock. When it got stolen or lost, the one that left was only the memory that came with it. When a relationship breaks, the diamond that supposed to be considered as a symbol of eternal love suddenly lost its meaning. The worst part, when I wore it, I felt unsecured. I was afraid it might get scratched or suddenly loose without I realize it. I became too alert as I thought a bad person might be spying on me.

But no one would like to steal my pretty pansies , I suppose?


One thought on “Pretty Little Things

  1. abdul says:

    your little pansies are as beautiful as you.
    keeping things simple is the road to inner peace.

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