Being Happy

Canola Field Summer 2009

Some grown-up people may forget how to be happy in simple way. As we grow up, we tend to forget how to feel happy over simple things or even silly things that actually we could pick up around us. Our ideas on what things could make us happy are no longer simple and seems more complicated to achieve. Sometimes it comes with high price too; be in time and money. Like… oh that 5 carats of diamond ring definitely could make me smile from ear to ear. Or… that latest series of Mercedes parks on my drive way will make me the happiest person in the block.

Maybe this time, we need to be reminded again on how to be happy with just the small things that also free. Let’s make a list on how to get happy in simple and free way. Here are some of mine:

  • Thanking The Almighty for every thing
  • Making a gratitude list of the day
  • Being able to capture the vibrant colour of the canola field in summer time
  • Standing in the open field and smell the fresh hay bales
  • Calling my parents to find out how they are doing
  • Seeing my husband next to me before I close my eyes in the night time
  • Playing hide and seek whenever my husband comes home
  • Looking for firewood with my husband and in-laws on cold winter day
  • Smelling the fresh laundry out from the dryer
  • Laying down on a clean fresh ironed bed sheet
  • Singing under the shower
  • Taking a catnap
  • Taking picture of a rainbow
  • Capturing the autumn and winter beauty with my wee digital camera
  • Sitting in front of my window and sharing this list for you….

How about your list?

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6 thoughts on “Being Happy

  1. abdul says:

    certainly you have found a way of bringing peace, solace and happiness into peoples lives.
    it is a good wake up call.

    may you be blessed….

  2. Tanny says:

    Hi Bint, I’m happy that you can find so many reasons to be happy 😉 God bless you and Jon. Happy New Year!!!

  3. Mom Loretta says:

    Very, very nice my lovely daughter-in-law (daughter for short)!
    May God bless you as you continue to bless the world with your entries.

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