Along Stephen Avenue, Calgary

When we see our own reflection, what exactly do we see there?

A person who is still smiling despite of all the heartaches? A person who satisfied after helping others? A person who keeps on trying to hide something just to get world acceptance? Or a person who is asking: “Who is that person in front of me?”.

When we see our own reflection, have we been honest to ourselves? Real honest in seeing who we really are?

I always believe being honest to ourselves will make life easier. We don’t have to pretend which at the end could lead us to confusion in recognize ourselves. We don’t have to think hard on what excuses we have to make today. We won’t get tired on putting on mask or choosing which mask suits for every occasion. Being honest to ourselves leads to a true happiness, a well-being life.

So let’s be honest and let our reflection shows that!


One thought on “Reflection

  1. abdul says:

    the reflection cast from good friends is needed
    until you become, without the aid of any reflector,
    a drawer of water from the Sea.
    know that the reflection is at first just imitation,
    but when it continues to recur,
    it turns into direct realization of truth.
    until it has become realization,
    don’t part from the friends who guide you-
    don’t break away from the shell
    if the raindrop hasn’t yet become a pearl.

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