Itchy Feet: Bali

Bali, Indonesia.

An island that holds special place in my heart.  Going there for me is not just to fulfill my itchy feet symptoms. It means also going back to my father’s hometown, a place that always reminds me of my roots and rekindles my cultural background. I’ve been told not to forget my roots because it will make me have my own colour. Thus, I could stand out in the crowd.

Bali never fails to enrich me.

Indian Ocean from Uluwatu Temple

Tanah Lot Temple

Welcome to Jembrana, Bali

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6 thoughts on “Itchy Feet: Bali

  1. Tim says:

    How wonderful and serene. I wonder at the contrasts (and likenesses?) that you have found in your new home.

    Take good care and be well, my friend.

  2. abdul says:

    the shop of Oneness,
    the Ocean that has many harbors,
    yet where there is no division
    between man and man, or woman,
    but only a unity of souls
    in the process of return to their Creator,
    Whose breath lives inside each one
    and helps to guide us home.

  3. Abimurni SW says:

    masih sanggup nyetirin lagi kah ditahun-tahun mendatang ??? doain aja deh semoga teuteup sehat ya ka’

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