A New Decade

Before Sunset

As I took this picture before the sun setting on the last day of year 2009, I realized that in less than another 8 hours, we all are going to enter our new decade. The year of 2010, the year of Tiger, the year of Winter Olympic in Vancouver. The year that I’ve promised to be the better me in every aspects. I don’t have fancy resolutions because most of the time they fail way before the realization. I just promise myself to be more a happy healthy positive person. But most of all, I want to be able to always remind myself to be grateful to The Almighty.

It is said that life is a journey not a destination. Let’s enjoy it at the best, make it worth.

May we all have a blissful journey in 2010!

PS: Sending the love and peace to all my friends and family around the globe from my little corner in the far north of BC, Canada 😉


2 thoughts on “A New Decade

  1. abdul says:

    go about your life with love and thanksgiving.

    if you can do that…..i think you will find yourself

    the richest of people.

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